The Health Society Review the SOLE F63 Treadmill Technology

Finally, here is the Health Society review of the SOLE F63 Treadmill Technology requested by our members since our new installation of the SOLE F63 in our Southeast fitness facility.

It is a fact that buying a good treadmill can cost quite a tidy sum, because of this, it is important to fully appreciate the technology behind a particular treadmill or group of treadmills before making a purchase.

This is especially important if you are buying one for the first time. The entire engineering team at SOLE Fitness is mainly concerned with developing a basic design with acute emphasis on developing durable and easy to use treadmills and ellipticals. With years of experience under their belt, the team is well aware of what the consumer demands and expects; a high quality folding product, a quite machine and a stable base to boot. SOLE does not only strive to meet the above mentioned demands but strives to surpass them as well.

f63 sole treadmill

Here is an in-depth analysis of the SOLE F63 treadmill technology that’s been implemented, these include but are not limited to the following;

Sole F63 Treadmill: An Easy Assist, Folding Deck Design

The Sole F63 treadmill does without doubt implement one of the better folding treadmill designs on the market.

sole f63 treadmill console

For starters, the design does feature a fully patented all gear pinion and rack system with the safety lock design which does lock the deck snugly into place when the treadmill is placed in the upright position. The F63 does also come with an easy assist folding deck design which does allow users to let the deck go by releasing it, stepping back and then watch the deck unfold itself quite effortlessly. It is worth mentioning, and as pointed out by treadmill consumers, that this easy assist folding deck design of the Sole F63 is only unique to SOLE Fitness and thus does make unfolding the treadmill quite easy and simple.


The team at SOLE does also appreciate that the durability of any treadmill is highly dependent on having a strong and sturdy frame. In this regard, the SOLE F63 treadmill technology does implement a precision welded frame which not only makes the treadmill quite versatile in terms of handling multiple users of various heights and weights but also ensures that the treadmill is also strong and reliable. It is also worth mentioning that all SOLE treadmills do feature some epoxy powder coated paint which is baked to the appliance.

sole fitness

This particular finish does protect the all steel construction, making the frames bullet proof, practically indestructible and hence the lifetime warranty the SOLE Fitness F63 treadmill is sold with.

treadmill consumers fitness equipment product tests

Has a large Sole Fitness LCD (light commercial display) screen and lots of controls

Anyone who has used a treadmill is well aware of the importance of having an LCD console display which communicates with and provides the user with lots of helpful information such as calories, heart rate, pace, speed and lots of other gems of information.

sole f63 treadmill hr left sole f63 treadmill hr right

The LCD is usually a very vibrant blue screen with large and legible readouts.

The engineers at SOLE being fully aware of the ever changing demands of users have also implemented very convenient controls. Users want to have the freedom and flexibility of increasing their incline as well as speed quickly.

The display does feature very quick incline/speed buttons fitted along the sides of the LCD; this does make them quite convenient and very easy to maintain and control during a workout exercise.

Implements the F63 Message Board

Sole F63 treadmill technology does also implement the SOLE message board.

This is basically an alphanumeric text center that sends scrolling messages to the user with an intention of guiding the user through every detail of their workout. The message board helps users set up their own unique profile workout which they can access at any given time by simply pushing the user profile button, once this is done, the message board will walk the user though the rest.

The message board does not only make working out more enjoyable, but does also allow users to get into a routine which they are comfortable working on for a particular period of time. The F63 message board does also help the user recap his or her entire workout once he or she is finished so as to see or access the overall progress of the entire workout.

The board is also flexible enough and allows users to change their profile workout as many times as they wish or desire.

sole f63 treadmill speaker left sole f63 treadmill speaker right

Uses flywheels and high torque motors

All SOLE treadmills do feature some of the heaviest duty motors and chassis in their class.

The company does incorporate industrial quality motors which are fitted with large diameter, and all steel zinc coated and balanced flywheels. This particular feature does provide users with a secure, vibration free, running and walking surface. Further to this, the flywheel in the motors are known to cause the motor to run much cooler with relatively less amp draw, this does significantly increase the lifespan of the motor. Because of the F63 flywheels, SOLE treadmills can allow users to get a start speed of as low as .5mph of 1mph.

The flywheels are also much heavier than those offered by other competitors and due to this; the treadmill does have a very fluid motion which is difficult to get within this particular price point.

The Sole F63 rollers and treadmill belts

SOLE Fitness treadmills are fitted with some of the better rollers in the market, the rollers used in these treadmills can only be found on $ 5000 treadmills.

sole f63 treadmill nylon belt

The treadmills are fitted with 2.5” rollers which have a sealed bearing design as well as copper ground wires for each roller so as to reduce the static. Large rollers are usually preferable because they offer a much larger contact surface against the belt; this gives both the roller and the belt a much longer life span and a much smoother, static free and quite motion which is not only enjoyable but also quite safe.

The sole F63 treadmill technology does also use a double woven 2 ply belt with four layers. It does have rubber layers over a middle PVC layer with a well fitted nylon backing that rolls over the rollers and deck. The rubber comes in handy because it provides the highly sought durability whereas the PVC does stop the belt from over stretching.

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The Sole F63 treadmill nylon belt on the other hand does provide a very smooth static free surface to glide over the rollers and deck.